How to (Politely) Request a Child-Free Wedding


Earlier this week, I was chatting with one of my best friends about a wedding she went to over the weekend. While the wedding was beautiful and she enjoyed being there for one of her oldest friend, she couldn’t help but note on the number of children in attendance, despite the bride’s wish that the event be adult-only.

This got us talking and thinking: how do you clearly and politely indicate to your guests that you do not wish to have children at your wedding?

This requires some finesse, as simply putting “Adult Only” on the invitation or reply card could be seen as a bit harsh.

If you want to be subtle, state that you have reserved enough seats only for the number of adults you are inviting. Traditionally, if you only address the invitation to the adults of the household, your guest will know that only the adults are invited (if children are invited, invitation should be addressed with “Name and family”). Be careful of being too subtle though, as some may bring their children anyway. To protect against this, try confirming with guests about their attendance and remind them of your request that they not bring their children.

To be more direct, include a note in the invitation suite that politely outlines your intentions for an adult-on occasion. While this method is more likely to give you the desired outcome, know that some people may be offended. But it’s your wedding, and this is what you want, so it’s ok (as long as you are gracious about it). State plainly that you want to ensure everyone has a good time without the stress of children and kindly ask that parents make care arrangements for their kids that night. Adding a little tact and finesse to your request will make your guests most likely to acquiesce.

Have you been to a wedding that requested no children? One with children? Which would you prefer for your own wedding?


Let’s Talk Trends: Two-Piece Bridal Style

Two-piece bridal gowns are one of the biggest trends being seen throughout collections this year. Designers are splitting the traditional gown into eclectic combinations of chic tops and flowing skirts. You could rock a crop top or simply find a complementing corset and skirt set. The endless options really allows every bride to create her perfect bridal look without having to create a pricey custom gown. Whatever combination she chooses, with a two-piece bridal look, each bride can be sure she will look exactly as she dreamed, with a stylish modern twist.


Hayley Paige


Tara LaTour




Reem Acra


Inbal Dror


Rebecca Schoneveld





Who would have imagined wearing two pieces would pack as much punch as one stunning gown?! Which way would you wear two pieces on your wedding day?

Geometric Marriage

One of the newer trends being used in weddings is the theme of geometric shapes and patterns. Geometric details can take almost any shape (triangle, square, hexagonal, even irregular) and you can find ways to incorporate the theme into almost every aspect of the wedding decor. Cakes, paper, backdrops and table top decorations are just a few things that can be used to display the geometric theme. If you really want to play with angles, try splitting up a familiar shape into smaller, simpler geometric segments. Angular touches and clean lines add modernism and balanced masculinity to an event that is typically thought of as feminine, creating a look that both the bride and groom can truly appreciate.

Geometric Marriage geo cakevia

Geometric Marriage geometric tile runnervia

Geometric Marriage Hexagonal Backdropvia

Geometric Marriage table plantersvia

Geometric Marriage geo splatter cakevia

Geometric Marriage geometric print menuvia

Geometric Marriage Geometric Lightingvia

Geometric Marriage Diamond Backdropvia

Geometric Marriage Geometric paper detailsvia

Geometric Marriage seating chartsvia

What do you think of the geometric trend? Personally, I love the geometric, gem-inspired details at weddings. I think it adds a touch of strong, unique sweetness, which is perfect when you’re trying to make your wedding look a little less girly!


You Need Some Sugar!

If you haven’t seen Maroon 5’s newest music video for their song ‘Sugar,’ you need to!

The video shows the band crashing several weddings across LA, surprising the bride and groom, and getting the party started! And while not all of the weddings are real, the concept is still pretty cool.

Adam Levine and weddings? In my book, that’s a perfect combination!

Chalkboard Cakes

Chalkboard touches have become incredibly popular in weddings this year. Welcome and Thank-You boards, menus, escort boards and Photo Booth backdrops are just a few versions found across events. If you want to incorporate the chalkboard look into your big day in a creative and different way, why not add a cute handwritten design to your wedding cake!

Chalkboard Cakes Pink and Blackvia

Chalkboard Cakes Edwardsvia

Chalkboard Cake Nestvia

Chalkboard Cake Floralvia

Chalkboard Cakes All You Needvia

Chalkboard Cakes True Lovevia

20 Extravagant Floral Features

Today is going to be a little bit out of the box. While many weddings are sweet and special, there are those that go above in beyond in almost every aspect. One of the best ways to go all out is in the flowers. Skilled florists can create magical scenes and beautiful touches throughout any wedding. Check out some of these prime examples of floral fantasy come to life!

Aisle Style

20 extravagant floral features aisle style white and pinkvia

20 extravagant floral features aisle style purplevia

20 extravagant floral features aisle style red swirlsvia

20 extravagant floral features aisle style purple pinkvia

20 extravagant floral features aisle style dotsvia

Floating Flowers

20 extravagant floral features floating flowers white greenvia

20 extravagant floral features floating flowers pinkvia

20 extravagant floral features floating flowers whitevia

20 extravagant floral features floating flowers chandeliervia

20 extravagant floral features floating florals blue


Special Centerpieces


20 extravagant floral features special centerpieces pinkvia

20 extravagant floral features special centerpieces whitevia

20 extravagant floral features special centerpieces redvia

20 extravagant floral special centerpieces tall wallvia

20 extravagant floral features special centerpieces lilliesvia

Craziest Creations

20 extravagant floral features craziest creations columnsvia

20 extravagant floral features craziest creations elephantvia

20 extravagant floral features craziest creations flower treevia

20 extravagant floral features craziest creations benchvia

20 extravagant floral features craziest creations peacockvia

Because who doesn’t need an elephant made out of flowers at their wedding?! All of these arrangements are so over the top, but absolutely stunning at the same time. If creations like these are for you, ask your florist if he or she is comfortable creating your vision. Are you planning on doing anything extravagant with your floral touches?