Bridal Trends from NYBFW: Delicate (Floral) Details

As Bridal Fashion Week draws to a close, we’re going to take a look at some of the biggest trends coming to a bridal shop near you! Today’s focus is on the sweet delicate look of light, flowing fabrics and tiny floral details. This small sampling of from the many, many designer that presented beautifully illustrate the attention to soft, feminine touches. Enjoy!


Limor Rosen




Monique Lhuillier


Jenny Packham




Monique Lhuillier

More trends to come (and some of them are pretty awesome)! Is there a trend you saw on the bridal runways that you’re excited for?


Hello Yellow!

With the warmer, sunnier weather we’ve been having down in Texas (after seemingly endless weeks of gloom), I am all about things that remind me of that warmth and happiness. And is there a happier color than yellow? I don’t think you can see something in the bright shiny color and not be instantly a little bit happier. And what a perfect color for your wedding, the happiest day of your life!

Bride Yellow Birdcagevia

Yellow ties


Yellow bowtie and bout


Yellow Gingham Wedding Favors




Yellow Tablescape Wedding


Yellow Bridal Party


Yellow Rose Cake


Yellow Converse Groomsmen


Yellow Fade Cake


Yellow Bride and Groom


Are there any other colors that make you happy?

Geometric Marriage

One of the newer trends being used in weddings is the theme of geometric shapes and patterns. Geometric details can take almost any shape (triangle, square, hexagonal, even irregular) and you can find ways to incorporate the theme into almost every aspect of the wedding decor. Cakes, paper, backdrops and table top decorations are just a few things that can be used to display the geometric theme. If you really want to play with angles, try splitting up a familiar shape into smaller, simpler geometric segments. Angular touches and clean lines add modernism and balanced masculinity to an event that is typically thought of as feminine, creating a look that both the bride and groom can truly appreciate.

Geometric Marriage geo cakevia

Geometric Marriage geometric tile runnervia

Geometric Marriage Hexagonal Backdropvia

Geometric Marriage table plantersvia

Geometric Marriage geo splatter cakevia

Geometric Marriage geometric print menuvia

Geometric Marriage Geometric Lightingvia

Geometric Marriage Diamond Backdropvia

Geometric Marriage Geometric paper detailsvia

Geometric Marriage seating chartsvia

What do you think of the geometric trend? Personally, I love the geometric, gem-inspired details at weddings. I think it adds a touch of strong, unique sweetness, which is perfect when you’re trying to make your wedding look a little less girly!


What To Do After the Proposal


What To Do After the Proposalvia

It finally happened! You’re engaged! Congratulations! That sparkler on your hand must be the greatest feeling in the world, and I bet you can’t stop staring at it.

But once the bewilderment, shock and excitement calm down a bit, you’ll probably be wondering what the next steps are.

1. First thing: Call your VIPs! Your parents and best friends will want to know as soon as it happens, so be sure to break the news to them ASAP!

2. Take care of the ring. You’ll want to make sure that you get it sized, so that you can be sure you’ll have it forever. You’ll also want to get your ring insured (just in case you do happen to lose it haha).

3. Get a manicure. Frivolous, but necessary! You will be showing your hand to a lot of people now, so you want your nails to look as good as they can!

4. Start initial planning talks. I guarantee you, people will be asking as soon as it happens if you have a date set. It’s ok to want to enjoy just being engaged, but before too long, you’ll want to talk with your fiancé about your ideas for the big day.

But wait! Before you do anything else, set your budget! Once that’s decided, you can try to start figuring out when you want to get married and what components are important to you both.

5. Pin your heart out. Gather as many ideas and as much inspiration as your brain can handle!

6. Enjoy this time. Before you know it, the engagement will be a crazy stressful time full of decisions and planning. Take the time to enjoy this part of your life for the commitment that you have made to each other and be present in each others’ love and company.
The newly-engaged stage of your relationship is probably the most overwhelming, but having some guidelines will definitely help!

I should know, (drumroll please) I just got engaged! I will share pictures and plans as they come along, but right now, I’m taking my own advice and enjoying it for what it is.

20 Extravagant Floral Features

Today is going to be a little bit out of the box. While many weddings are sweet and special, there are those that go above in beyond in almost every aspect. One of the best ways to go all out is in the flowers. Skilled florists can create magical scenes and beautiful touches throughout any wedding. Check out some of these prime examples of floral fantasy come to life!

Aisle Style

20 extravagant floral features aisle style white and pinkvia

20 extravagant floral features aisle style purplevia

20 extravagant floral features aisle style red swirlsvia

20 extravagant floral features aisle style purple pinkvia

20 extravagant floral features aisle style dotsvia

Floating Flowers

20 extravagant floral features floating flowers white greenvia

20 extravagant floral features floating flowers pinkvia

20 extravagant floral features floating flowers whitevia

20 extravagant floral features floating flowers chandeliervia

20 extravagant floral features floating florals blue


Special Centerpieces


20 extravagant floral features special centerpieces pinkvia

20 extravagant floral features special centerpieces whitevia

20 extravagant floral features special centerpieces redvia

20 extravagant floral special centerpieces tall wallvia

20 extravagant floral features special centerpieces lilliesvia

Craziest Creations

20 extravagant floral features craziest creations columnsvia

20 extravagant floral features craziest creations elephantvia

20 extravagant floral features craziest creations flower treevia

20 extravagant floral features craziest creations benchvia

20 extravagant floral features craziest creations peacockvia

Because who doesn’t need an elephant made out of flowers at their wedding?! All of these arrangements are so over the top, but absolutely stunning at the same time. If creations like these are for you, ask your florist if he or she is comfortable creating your vision. Are you planning on doing anything extravagant with your floral touches?

Save That Date!

save that datevia

The first step in spreading the word about your upcoming nuptials is sending out your save-the-dates! It can be extremely tempting to send out the first postcard you find to everyone you know, but there are some things to think through before sending anything out.

Should you send? Chances are your guests will appreciate a heads up if your wedding is held during a busy season, like summer or in the fall. Destination weddings especially should have a save-the-date.

When to send. A good rule of thumb is to send out your save-the-dates about six to eight months before your wedding. You want to give your guests enough time to plan for travel or enough notice to take time off from work.

Who to address. Be aware that those who receive a save-the-date will expect to receive an invitation, so be conscious of who you want to invite for sure before sending. Also, even if you’ve spoken with someone or gotten confirmation of attendance another way, it is still a good practice to send a save-the-date.

What next? The next step in this paper process is sending formal invitations! Stay tuned for some tips on invitations.

How to Get Your Marriage License

How to Get Your Marriage Licensevia

One of most important parts of a wedding isn’t the dress or the flowers. It’s the marriage license. After all, the whole point of the party is to get officially married!

What is it: A marriage license is basically a document that says you and your fiancé are allowed to get married.

Where to get it: You can get it from places like the county clerk’s office or city hall.

How to get it: You should apply for your license about a month before the wedding so that you can pick it up about a week or two before. Make note that you and your fiancé may both need to be present to pick it up.

When applying, there are several things you should find out and prepare for. Do you meet the requirements? What documentation does the office need? Do you need to bring a witness? Is there a waiting period? What is the marriage license fee? You may also want to ask if they require blood tests or vaccination record (seemingly random, but important) and how long the license is valid.

What to do with it: Once you’ve gotten through the marriage ceremony, you and your honey will sign the license (along with your witnesses, typically) and hand it off to your officiant. He or she will take it to the office you received it from. In a few weeks, you’ll have a bright, shiny and official marriage certificate!

Bonus tip: Request a few copies of your certificate; you will probably be showing that sucker off all over town when changing your name or doing other married things!

So there you go! Now you know how to go about making your big day official, so you can focus on how to make it awesome!