Happy (early) Valentine’s Day


Happy (early) Valentine’s Day, everyone!

I wanted to be sure to wish everyone a fun, romantic, sweet weekend with their loved ones. J and I have work to get done this weekend, so we’re celebrating tonight (and maybe a little bit tomorrow too). This will be our first Valentine’s Day in two years that we actually get to spend together, so I am definitely looking forward to getting through this weekend and spending an evening with my fiancé!

With that said, let’s keep praying today flies by so that we can all get to this lovely weekend that much faster!

What do you all have planned for this romantic weekend?


Hearts Everywhere!


With Valentine’s Day a mere two days away, love is in the air and heart-shaped everything is everywhere! Hearts are the perfect accent to your wedding day because, after all, that day is just a lovey-dovey as February 14th.  If you want to add some more love to your big day, here are XX ideas for incorporating them into your wedding day decor!

Heart-Shaped Garland


Heart-Shaped Ceremony Backdrop


A Tiny Heart Over Your Heart


Heart-Shaped Thumbprint Guestbook


Heart-Lined Aisle


Felt Heart Boutonnieres


Heart-Shaped Book Art


Heart Details on Wedding Cake


Heart-Shaped Balloons


Heart Dropbox Guestbook


Heart-Shaped Sparklers


Giant Heart-Shaped Cake


Heart-Shaped Favor Cookies


Wine Cork Heart Decor


Wear Your Heart on Your Shoes


Heart-Shaped Ring Pillow


Heart-Shaped Signage


How would you incorporate hearts into your day of love?

Patience is a Virtue…


It can be the greatest and most traumatic waiting game of a girl’s life… Waiting for your guy to pop the question. Once you reach a certain point in your relationship, you can’t help but get excited for the next step. I know the waiting is something I’m dealing with, so for anyone else in the same boat, here’s my advice.

1. Let him do his own thing. You may have ideas about your dream proposal, all romantic and sappy, but his ideas might be different. It’s ok to drop a couple hints about ideas that you think are sweet, maybe sentimental even. He might have other ideas of sentimental or sweet gestures, or memories he wants to highlight when he proposes.

2. Please don’t nag him. Sure you want to have a conversation (a mature conversation) about where the two of you are in the relationship and discuss moving forward, but bringing it up all the time hoping it’ll happen sooner just isn’t going to be as motivating as you hope it’ll be.

3. Have faith. Once you’ve had the conversation and you’re fairly certain that the question is coming down the line, take comfort in knowing that it’s going to happen. Don’t stress about it and don’t try to pry information out of him (you wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise, would you?!) It will happen. And it will be perfect. Just relax and enjoy the fact that you have such a great love in your life.

The Wedding Planner


[ Flowers from the wedding: Hydrangeas, Tulips, and Roses…I’m in love! ]


[ The wedding cake and the groom’s baby cupcakes ]


[ The finished tablescapes ]

Saturday night, I had the opportunity to help with a wedding organized my Events by Morgan. I always thought event planning would be a fun and rewarding job, and Morgan have me the opportunity to see what it’s like!

A little note about Morgan real quick: She is awesome! She’s so organized and calm in the face of chaos. She seems like she can handle anything. She has the best taste, too! Not to mention she’s super sweet and fun.

I mainly helped with the setup of the event. Putting out table cloths and charger plates. Arranging place cards. Setting out favors. As tedious as it was, I really enjoyed it. I loved seeing how a few carts worth of boxes and supplies became a beautiful setting for celebrating.

Once the ceremony was over and the reception got started, Morgan let me shadow her while she made sure the evening ran smoothly. We gave cues to different parts of the program (grand entrance, mother-son/father-daughter dances, dinner, cake cutting, etc). We also had a couple fires to put out throughout the evening, but nothing too intense.

After the event, I can almost certainly promise that I will not be a perfectionist bride! I realized that there are too many tiny details left in the hands of so many other people. There are so many variables and no way for everything to go absolutely perfectly, just as smoothly as possible. I do have tons of ideas, though, and am already kind of mentally planning out my own wedding! (Let’s be real–what girl isn’t?)

I can also say with certainty that this is an experience that I would like to try again. My boyfriend may not totally agree, but this wedding was something I really enjoyed, and possibly something I would like to pursue more down the line! All of the chaos and detail that goes into planning the wedding, and any frustration that follows, somehow melt away into a grander picture once the event starts.


One final note: Thank you to Morgan at Events by Morgan for giving me the opportunity to help out, and for introducing me to the wedding business!

Another Year, Another Day Closer


Today is the second anniversary of my first date with Johnathan. I could not be more grateful of the relationship I have and the great man I have in my life. Although we are not able to be together today, we had the opportunity to celebrate over the weekend.

It’s crazy to me that it’s already been two years; it doesn’t seem like that long. Between us, things seem easy. We just take things one day at a time. And even when we’re 200 miles apart, we keep reminding ourselves and each other that each day we make it through is another day closer to the day when we can be together every day.

I am so thankful for all of the experiences I have had with this man in the past year and almost all of my big moments included him.

In the past year together, J and I have:

  • made it through being a long-distance couple
  • made changes and improvements to our house, making it our home
  • traveled to Scottsdale on our first vacation together
  • took out our first loan together
  • decorated our first Christmas tree
  • discovered new hole-in-the-wall restaurants
  • made multiple trips to/from Texas/Oklahoma
  • had many more adventures that make me think the sky is the limit for us.


Anniversary Dinner



With the start of the spring semester just on the other side of the weekend, I plan on taking the next two days to just relax, get ready, and enjoy life. I’m enjoying it a bit more than any other weekend because my boyfriend is in town for the day. Our second anniversary is on Monday, so we are celebrating tonight.

We have tons of favorite restaurants in Dallas for dinners and special occasions, but we’re still exploring the restaurants in the Oklahoma City area. I think we’ve narrowed our options for tonight down to four restaurants:

1. Tarahumara’s

This was a nice little Mexican cafe that we went to for my birthday back in November. My boyfriend and I love Tex-Mex food, and some of our favorite places back home are Tex-Mex joints. Here, the service is quick and there is always more than enough food. Plus, the queso is to-die!

2. Cattlemen’s Steakhouse

This has become out go-to restaurant when he comes to town to visit. We both also love a good steak, and the people here know steak. I like the Filet and my boyfriend likes to get a Ribeye or a Sirloin. The salad that comes with it is amazing. We even ask for extra dressing on the side to dip croutons in. Even though we’ve been here almost a dozen times in a year, it remains at the top of our list.

3. Jazmo’z Bourbon Street Cafe

Cajun is one of my favorites! I like seafood and I love a little spice, so that makes this type of cuisine a perfect combination in my book. We haven’t been to this restaurant yet, but it’s down in the Bricktown area of Oklahoma City (which I’ve been dying to go to) and the menu looks fantastic!

4. Steak and Catfish Barn

This one might not seem like a typical Anniversary Dinner option, but I’ve been wanting to try this place out for about a year now. My boyfriend and I are huge fans of food shows (Diners, Drive-ins and Dives; Man v. Food; etc.) and we saw this place on an episode a while back, we just haven’t made it up that far. Fried Catfish has got to be one of my favorite foods ever, so I’m gonna keep this in the running, even if it is super low-key.

Since my boyfriend has to drive back to Dallas early tomorrow morning, we want to make sure that today is about us, because this is our only chance to celebrate another year together for a couple of weeks. We have some great choices for tonight, now we just have to make the final decision!

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