How to (Politely) Request a Child-Free Wedding


Earlier this week, I was chatting with one of my best friends about a wedding she went to over the weekend. While the wedding was beautiful and she enjoyed being there for one of her oldest friend, she couldn’t help but note on the number of children in attendance, despite the bride’s wish that the event be adult-only.

This got us talking and thinking: how do you clearly and politely indicate to your guests that you do not wish to have children at your wedding?

This requires some finesse, as simply putting “Adult Only” on the invitation or reply card could be seen as a bit harsh.

If you want to be subtle, state that you have reserved enough seats only for the number of adults you are inviting. Traditionally, if you only address the invitation to the adults of the household, your guest will know that only the adults are invited (if children are invited, invitation should be addressed with “Name and family”). Be careful of being too subtle though, as some may bring their children anyway. To protect against this, try confirming with guests about their attendance and remind them of your request that they not bring their children.

To be more direct, include a note in the invitation suite that politely outlines your intentions for an adult-on occasion. While this method is more likely to give you the desired outcome, know that some people may be offended. But it’s your wedding, and this is what you want, so it’s ok (as long as you are gracious about it). State plainly that you want to ensure everyone has a good time without the stress of children and kindly ask that parents make care arrangements for their kids that night. Adding a little tact and finesse to your request will make your guests most likely to acquiesce.

Have you been to a wedding that requested no children? One with children? Which would you prefer for your own wedding?


What I’ve Learned from the Wedding Industry


The more I am immersed in this industry, the more epiphanies I have and the more lessons I learn. I’ve discovered things I never thought I would need to know and I’ve been able to apply the lessons I have learned in an effective way. As a way to share the wealth, so to speak, I’ve decided to share a few tidbits of information I’ve picked up along the way!

1. It’s Not All Glamour and Glitter. This is a thriving, hardcore industry with serious business people and lots of responsibilities. Yes, the fun part of working with weddings makes the job exciting and the sweet moments make it rewarding, but working in weddings does not mean all we do is daydream.

2. Check the Little Details. Check them all. Every. Last. One. Once, I got everyone all ready for a cake-cutting and champagne toast, but forgot to uncork the champagne. A friend of mine worked a wedding that included a piano that was never tuned, so the bride walked down the aisle to an off-key mess. Needless to say, these lessons have stuck with us and are some of the first things we check now, as well as other things you might not think about immediately.

3. Effective Communication Takes A Lot of Forms. Working with a variety of personalities and connections, from brides to vendors, you need to be able to quickly figure out how someone wants to receive communication, and then tailor your communication to them.

4. It’s OK to Play. With the details, that is!Sometimes brides have an idea but no plan, and sometimes there is a plan it just isn’t the best plan. If you can find the best way to do something, and explain how it’ll work effectively, don’t be afraid to speak up and offer differing ideas. While respecting the bride is important, they shouldn’t scare you.

5. Ask Every Question. Even if you feel like you’re giving the bride the most obnoxiously thorough grilling of her life, it’s ok. And necessary. You don’t want to end up in the thick of the big day with questions, so clear everything up early on.

I am lucky enough to be a part of one of the most important day in people’s lives! I’m having fun, no matter how stressful it can be at times, it is fun and exciting and new and great every day. I really do love this industry and I hope to keep growing and learning as much as I can. Hopefully my lessons can help you all grow too!

Hearts Everywhere!


With Valentine’s Day a mere two days away, love is in the air and heart-shaped everything is everywhere! Hearts are the perfect accent to your wedding day because, after all, that day is just a lovey-dovey as February 14th.  If you want to add some more love to your big day, here are XX ideas for incorporating them into your wedding day decor!

Heart-Shaped Garland


Heart-Shaped Ceremony Backdrop


A Tiny Heart Over Your Heart


Heart-Shaped Thumbprint Guestbook


Heart-Lined Aisle


Felt Heart Boutonnieres


Heart-Shaped Book Art


Heart Details on Wedding Cake


Heart-Shaped Balloons


Heart Dropbox Guestbook


Heart-Shaped Sparklers


Giant Heart-Shaped Cake


Heart-Shaped Favor Cookies


Wine Cork Heart Decor


Wear Your Heart on Your Shoes


Heart-Shaped Ring Pillow


Heart-Shaped Signage


How would you incorporate hearts into your day of love?

Geometric Marriage

One of the newer trends being used in weddings is the theme of geometric shapes and patterns. Geometric details can take almost any shape (triangle, square, hexagonal, even irregular) and you can find ways to incorporate the theme into almost every aspect of the wedding decor. Cakes, paper, backdrops and table top decorations are just a few things that can be used to display the geometric theme. If you really want to play with angles, try splitting up a familiar shape into smaller, simpler geometric segments. Angular touches and clean lines add modernism and balanced masculinity to an event that is typically thought of as feminine, creating a look that both the bride and groom can truly appreciate.

Geometric Marriage geo cakevia

Geometric Marriage geometric tile runnervia

Geometric Marriage Hexagonal Backdropvia

Geometric Marriage table plantersvia

Geometric Marriage geo splatter cakevia

Geometric Marriage geometric print menuvia

Geometric Marriage Geometric Lightingvia

Geometric Marriage Diamond Backdropvia

Geometric Marriage Geometric paper detailsvia

Geometric Marriage seating chartsvia

What do you think of the geometric trend? Personally, I love the geometric, gem-inspired details at weddings. I think it adds a touch of strong, unique sweetness, which is perfect when you’re trying to make your wedding look a little less girly!


The Best Planners for Getting Your Life (and Wedding) Together!

If you’re like me, finding a good planner is like finding the Holy Grail. We all have our own preferences of what we like to see and what works best for us. However, there are so many different planners out there with so many different setups, that there is bound to be a perfect planner out there for everyone.

To help you all find the right one for you, I’ve put together a list of some of the best planners for the stylish bride and her fast-paced life!

1. Day Designer – $60

The Best Planners Day Designer Cover

The Best Planners Day Designer Interior


I used the Day Designer for 2014 and I loved it! It’s sturdy and pretty, classic and functional. Each day received its own page in the planner with an hourly breakdown of your daily schedule, a daily to-do list (one of my favorite features), as well as spaces at the top of the page for your three most important tasks for the day and things like dinner plans and deadlines. This planner also includes month-at-a-glance pages with tabs, important date organizers. It even has worksheets at the beginning of the planner to help you get inspired and figure out your priorities for your year and your life, and your wedding if that’s a major focus for the year!

2. Simplified Planner – $58

The Best Planners Simplified Planner Cover


The Best Planners Simplified Planner Interior


The Simplified Planner is very similar to the Day Designer, but a bit simpler (how about that!) Each day is given its own page complete with hourly scheduler, to-do list, notes block and a space to plan out dinner. It too has a month-at-a glance page with cute little monthly tabs. This planner doesn’t have quite as many bells and whistles in terms of worksheets and goal organization, but it does have a couple pages at the front to help you learn better time management–super important when planning a wedding!

3. Kate Spade Agenda – $36



Who doesn’t love Kate Spade. The cover designs seem to call to you, and then you open it up to this charming little planner. This has the perfect combination of ringed pages and bound covers, with the rings cleverly concealed. The days in your weekly schedule aren’t formatted with times so you don’t have to feel restricted to a standard schedule note style; you have the freedom to write whatever you need to know or do for the day! Monthly views (with cute little tabs!) keep you aware of what’s ahead, and pockets help you keep track of all the little things in life and wedding planning.

4. Graphic Image Desk Diary – $98



I love this planner. It looks like something someone with her sh*t together would carry and thoughtfully jot down appointments in perfect handwriting. Maybe having this planner will make me that girl! The smooth cover with foil year detail looks professional and pretty, and you can add your initials for free! Your schedule is laid out in a weekly view, with the time of day running along the side to keep you on track. There are also monthly view pages, holidays, expense reports and maps (just in case your phone is out of battery).

5. MyAgenda – $30 (On Sale!)

The Best Planners MyAgenda Cover




This is a favorite among my friends! The days are all laid out in a weekly view, and there are spaces for notes and reminders at the bottom of each day. My friends would use these spaces for notes about homework from their different classes or different organizations they were in, but you could use it to keep things in mind that pertain to the most important parts of your life, like family or wedding planning! There are also extra note pages at the back, pages for important dates, monthly views and expense reports. Add personalization to the luxurious cover and you’re bound to feel in control of your life!

These planners will help you keep your life, and your wedding planning, on track. And they’re all perfect additions to your new year preparations! Which one would you use?

Money-Saving Months



As if the beautiful snow and coat atmosphere weren’t enough of a reason to have a winter wedding, another bit of motivation may be in the savings that can come with the season.

Months like November, January, February and March are often considered “off-peak” season, leading to a savings of 10-30 percent compared to “peak” months of May through September.

In the winter months, venues and vendors are hungry for business and can be more apt to give you a deal.

So when trying to decide when to have your big day, consider the savings that come with the winter. That coupled with the cheer and warmth of the holiday season seems like a win-win to me! What do you think?

Save That Date!

save that datevia

The first step in spreading the word about your upcoming nuptials is sending out your save-the-dates! It can be extremely tempting to send out the first postcard you find to everyone you know, but there are some things to think through before sending anything out.

Should you send? Chances are your guests will appreciate a heads up if your wedding is held during a busy season, like summer or in the fall. Destination weddings especially should have a save-the-date.

When to send. A good rule of thumb is to send out your save-the-dates about six to eight months before your wedding. You want to give your guests enough time to plan for travel or enough notice to take time off from work.

Who to address. Be aware that those who receive a save-the-date will expect to receive an invitation, so be conscious of who you want to invite for sure before sending. Also, even if you’ve spoken with someone or gotten confirmation of attendance another way, it is still a good practice to send a save-the-date.

What next? The next step in this paper process is sending formal invitations! Stay tuned for some tips on invitations.