Let’s Hear it for the Boys

This one’s for the boys! The groomsmen are an important part of the wedding, and likely a very important part of your groom’s life. You want to make sure they know how valued and appreciated their presence is, so why not get them a gift as awesome as they are? Shopping for men is actually pretty easy. My dad used to always say that a gift was good if he “needed it, wanted it or could use it.” While I agree, I think an easier set of trends can be applied to shopping for men: Utility. Men love practical things! They aren’t as taken by pretty things as women and would prefer a gift with a purpose besides just looking good. Think a personalized knife or some type of tool or utility card–they’ll love showing it off whenever they use it!





Alcohol. Men like their alcohol. My fiancé and his friends are whiskey men, my dad likes tequila and my best friend’s man is a gin fan. Point: lots of options! Try to stick with the drink you know they’ll like and you get bonus points if you know their favorite brands. If you don’t know a specific brand they like but you know the type of drink they like, find one you think they’ll like! Maybe they’ll like trying something new! If you really don’t even know which drink to start with, try a monogramed flask for a no-fail gift!





Hobbies. If you know they guys love doing something together, why not get them something special for their hobbies? If they’re all huge baseball fans or played little league together, get them personalized commemorative bats. My fiancé and his friends love golf, so I think new head covers or a commemorative ball marker would be a fun favor idea for them.





Do you have any other ideas when it comes to awesome groomsmen gifts?


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