Top-Notch Thank-You Notes

Thank Youvia

The showering of gifts that come with a wedding can be exciting and fun, until you think about all the thank-you notes you have to write. Then it starts to seem overwhelming. How do I write them? What do I say? The questions regarding etiquette and tact can be crippling, at first. To help calm any anxiety, I’ve put together a few tips and tricks for sailing through all those thank-you’s with gracious ease!

Who Writes What? The bride should be sure to handle all thank-you notes for gifts from the bridal shower, while the bride and the groom can share in the responsibility for gifts from the engagement party and wedding.

What Do We Write? The most important thing to remember when setting out to write your thank-you notes is to be sincere and gracious. Mentioning the gift by name will help in this matter, as well as talking about you will use it. Guests love to know that their gifts will be useful to you.

Money Talk. When writing a thank-you note for monetary gifts, simply express your gratitude and how you plan to use it. There is no need to discuss the amount, just mentioning what it will be put towards will suffice.

How Much Time Do We Have? To avoid getting swamped by all the notes you have to write, it’s best to write thank-you notes as the gifts arrive. A good rule of thumb is to give yourself between two and three weeks to write thank you notes for the gifts you receive before or after the wedding. For gifts given on the wedding day, you can theoretically take up to three months because they are likely to be shuffled around more and take longer to get to you.

Wedding Presence. For guests who didn’t give a physical gift but went out of their way or traveled a good distance to celebrate, you should still write a note. Let them know how much you enjoyed having them there and that you couldn’t imagine your day without them. They want to know that their presence was appreciated.

Can We Use Preprinted Notes? Thank-you notes regarding wedding gifts and activities should really be handwritten and heartfelt. With an event as personal as a wedding, guests want to hear from you personally.

Should We Thank Vendors? While it is not necessary, feel free, especially if you feel they did a great job! Vendors also love appreciation just as much as your guests do, and those notes make great testimonials for future clients to consider.


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