Should the Groom See the Gown?


It’s the ultimate battle between traditional and contemporary weddings: should you or shouldn’t you let the groom see your dress before the wedding?

Should you take your man shopping with you or showing him the dress before the wedding day? Some brides say that they want the groom to be a part of the decision because it’s his wedding too. He’ll be looking at his bride all night, so why not make sure he likes what he sees? Plus, you probably have a say in what he wears on the big day, so some would consider it fair to let him contribute to your dress selection.

I personally believe that there should be a little bit of secrecy around the wedding dress. Your wedding gown is a special touch to the wedding and he honestly probably would love to be surprised! I’m all for a First Look, but I think the wedding dress should be kept under wraps until the big day.

What are your thoughts on the great dress debate? Would you show your groom before the wedding day?


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