Golden Globe Beauty Inspiration

Alright, I’m doting on the Globes one more time. But this time, we’re talking beauty! There were so many sweet, fresh beauty looks on the Red Carpet, many of which would be a great touch to any bride’s wedding day look!

Glam Waves

Big voluminous waves add a luxurious and sophisticated glamour to any bridal look.


Reese-WitherspoonGlowing Skin

Clear, glowing skin is a must for your wedding day! These women from the Golden Globes are literally radiating beauty from the inside out.



Kerry-WashingtonBridal Braids

Braids are a classic hair trick making a major comeback. To add a touch of sweet coolness to your wedding look, why not try a braid or two?


Louise-RoeEasy, Natural Waves

Your wedding day should be a day when you are your most beautiful self. Play up your natural lookย and go for easy waves on your big day!



Julianne-MooreSlicked and Sleek

If you want to simplify your look and let your beautiful face and dress do the talking, try a sleek updo, either a bun or a pony tail.



Katie-HolmesBold Shadow

Let your true colors shine bright on your wedding day with bold eyeshadow! Play up your eye color or your wedding colors. Either way, a statement shadow is a great fresh twist on bridal looks!




Which Golden Globe beauty trend would you incorporate into your wedding look? Are there other beauty twists and tricks you would like to use on your big day?

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