The Best Planners for Getting Your Life (and Wedding) Together!

If you’re like me, finding a good planner is like finding the Holy Grail. We all have our own preferences of what we like to see and what works best for us. However, there are so many different planners out there with so many different setups, that there is bound to be a perfect planner out there for everyone.

To help you all find the right one for you, I’ve put together a list of some of the best planners for the stylish bride and her fast-paced life!

1. Day Designer – $60

The Best Planners Day Designer Cover

The Best Planners Day Designer Interior


I used the Day Designer for 2014 and I loved it! It’s sturdy and pretty, classic and functional. Each day received its own page in the planner with an hourly breakdown of your daily schedule, a daily to-do list (one of my favorite features), as well as spaces at the top of the page for your three most important tasks for the day and things like dinner plans and deadlines. This planner also includes month-at-a-glance pages with tabs, important date organizers. It even has worksheets at the beginning of the planner to help you get inspired and figure out your priorities for your year and your life, and your wedding if that’s a major focus for the year!

2. Simplified Planner – $58

The Best Planners Simplified Planner Cover


The Best Planners Simplified Planner Interior


The Simplified Planner is very similar to the Day Designer, but a bit simpler (how about that!) Each day is given its own page complete with hourly scheduler, to-do list, notes block and a space to plan out dinner. It too has a month-at-a glance page with cute little monthly tabs. This planner doesn’t have quite as many bells and whistles in terms of worksheets and goal organization, but it does have a couple pages at the front to help you learn better time management–super important when planning a wedding!

3. Kate Spade Agenda – $36



Who doesn’t love Kate Spade. The cover designs seem to call to you, and then you open it up to this charming little planner. This has the perfect combination of ringed pages and bound covers, with the rings cleverly concealed. The days in your weekly schedule aren’t formatted with times so you don’t have to feel restricted to a standard schedule note style; you have the freedom to write whatever you need to know or do for the day! Monthly views (with cute little tabs!) keep you aware of what’s ahead, and pockets help you keep track of all the little things in life and wedding planning.

4. Graphic Image Desk Diary – $98



I love this planner. It looks like something someone with her sh*t together would carry and thoughtfully jot down appointments in perfect handwriting. Maybe having this planner will make me that girl! The smooth cover with foil year detail looks professional and pretty, and you can add your initials for free! Your schedule is laid out in a weekly view, with the time of day running along the side to keep you on track. There are also monthly view pages, holidays, expense reports and maps (just in case your phone is out of battery).

5. MyAgenda – $30 (On Sale!)

The Best Planners MyAgenda Cover




This is a favorite among my friends! The days are all laid out in a weekly view, and there are spaces for notes and reminders at the bottom of each day. My friends would use these spaces for notes about homework from their different classes or different organizations they were in, but you could use it to keep things in mind that pertain to the most important parts of your life, like family or wedding planning! There are also extra note pages at the back, pages for important dates, monthly views and expense reports. Add personalization to the luxurious cover and you’re bound to feel in control of your life!

These planners will help you keep your life, and your wedding planning, on track. And they’re all perfect additions to your new year preparations! Which one would you use?


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