Does He Need Dad’s Blessing?

Does He Need Dad's Blessing?via

The traditional order of events in the proposal process typically starts with a conversation between the groom-to-be and the father of the bride. It has always been considered polite, and almost necessary, for him to get her father’s permission. However, this doesn’t always happen, for various reasons, begging the question: is her father’s permission truly necessary?

The easiest answer is that it depends on the relationship the bride has with her father. If she is extremely close with her dad, then it is probably a good idea to have a chat with the man. If, though, she is not close with her dad, his blessing might be less of a necessity. Of course it would be a nice gesture, but it might not be key.

If there is another parental figure in her life that she feels closer to than her father, or if her father isn’t around, asking that next person would also be very considerate.

Grooms, talk with your girls and see how they feel about you talking to her dad and go with what she would be happiest and most comfortable with! More than likely, she’d like you to ask him, and he would probably like that too. Remember, you are asking for a blessing to join your families, so do what you feel would be most respectful and appropriate based on your relationship.

*I know this post is a bit on the untraditional side, but it’s just a thought I had and I wanted to discuss. No disrespect or offense is intended*


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