Why You Should Get Your Guy an Engagement Gift

Why You Should Get Your Guy an Engagement Giftvia

The proposal and engagement can be an exciting time for any girl, but it’s just as exciting for the guys! Sure, you have a ring, but what about him? The engagement is about the two of you and the commitment you have made to each other, so why not get a little something for your guy too?!

1. He should feel special too. Even though he’s the one who proposed, you will probably get the majority of the attention from the engagement. Make him know how special he is by giving him a little something.

2. He’ll feel appreciated. He just bought you a beautiful ring (one he probably spent a good deal of money on), so giving him something too will show how much you truly appreciate him and the gesture he’s made.

3. He’ll have something to remind him of you. Just as you think of him when you look at your engagement ring, he’ll think about how much he loves you when he looks at your present.

4. He’ll be surprised! He probably surprised you with the ring, so get him back with your own little surprise.

So what should you get him? My recommendation is to go with something he will wear or use on a regular basis, like a wallet, dress shoes, something for his car or an accessory he’ll get some good use out of. The idea is for it to be a part of his regular rotation, just like your engagement ring is for you!

I bought J a watch and had it stashed and ready to give to him when the moment came. He can wear it almost everyday and he was so excited and surprised when I gave him the gift box. And honestly, I was almost more excited for the proposal so that I could see his reaction to his present than I was for my own ring!

I highly recommend doing this for your guy. What do you all think?


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