What To Do After the Proposal


What To Do After the Proposalvia

It finally happened! You’re engaged! Congratulations! That sparkler on your hand must be the greatest feeling in the world, and I bet you can’t stop staring at it.

But once the bewilderment, shock and excitement calm down a bit, you’ll probably be wondering what the next steps are.

1. First thing: Call your VIPs! Your parents and best friends will want to know as soon as it happens, so be sure to break the news to them ASAP!

2. Take care of the ring. You’ll want to make sure that you get it sized, so that you can be sure you’ll have it forever. You’ll also want to get your ring insured (just in case you do happen to lose it haha).

3. Get a manicure. Frivolous, but necessary! You will be showing your hand to a lot of people now, so you want your nails to look as good as they can!

4. Start initial planning talks. I guarantee you, people will be asking as soon as it happens if you have a date set. It’s ok to want to enjoy just being engaged, but before too long, you’ll want to talk with your fiancé about your ideas for the big day.

But wait! Before you do anything else, set your budget! Once that’s decided, you can try to start figuring out when you want to get married and what components are important to you both.

5. Pin your heart out. Gather as many ideas and as much inspiration as your brain can handle!

6. Enjoy this time. Before you know it, the engagement will be a crazy stressful time full of decisions and planning. Take the time to enjoy this part of your life for the commitment that you have made to each other and be present in each others’ love and company.
The newly-engaged stage of your relationship is probably the most overwhelming, but having some guidelines will definitely help!

I should know, (drumroll please) I just got engaged! I will share pictures and plans as they come along, but right now, I’m taking my own advice and enjoying it for what it is.


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