Dressing for a Winter Engagement Shoot

Dressing for a Winter Engagement Shoot

With the weather turning cold and snow starting to fall, outdoor engagement shoots are about to get extra cozy! If you plan on braving the snow flurries for the perfect picture, here are some tips to make your engagement session look great while keeping you warm.

Layers. Layers don’t just help insulate heat and keep you warm in the winter, they also add dimension to your wardrobe and interest to your photos.

Color. The white snowy scene makes a great backdrop for color. Neutrals with the pop of a green sweater or red lips will really help that color jump. The color is also your chance to show your personality!

Coordinate. While you don’t want to be matchy-matchy with your fiancé, you want to make sure you look cohesive. Wearing similar colors from the same family or complimentary colors or patterns can also work well. Just be careful of clashing patterns.

Belts. Pro tip: Wear a belt. All of those layers can hide your shape, and a belt will help emphasize your waist.

What other tips to y’all have for styling winter engagements? What would you wear?


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