Save That Date!

save that datevia

The first step in spreading the word about your upcoming nuptials is sending out your save-the-dates! It can be extremely tempting to send out the first postcard you find to everyone you know, but there are some things to think through before sending anything out.

Should you send? Chances are your guests will appreciate a heads up if your wedding is held during a busy season, like summer or in the fall. Destination weddings especially should have a save-the-date.

When to send. A good rule of thumb is to send out your save-the-dates about six to eight months before your wedding. You want to give your guests enough time to plan for travel or enough notice to take time off from work.

Who to address. Be aware that those who receive a save-the-date will expect to receive an invitation, so be conscious of who you want to invite for sure before sending. Also, even if you’ve spoken with someone or gotten confirmation of attendance another way, it is still a good practice to send a save-the-date.

What next? The next step in this paper process is sending formal invitations! Stay tuned for some tips on invitations.


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