Creating a Candy Bar

creating a candy barvia

Candy is awesome, let’s just be real. And there’s no better time for candy than Halloween, so let’s talk about how to channel that candy love into a sweet candy buffet at your wedding!

Here are some helpful hints and steps to take when planning your candy buffet!

Think about design. Before you start buying candy, think about the look you want to achieve. Don’t just toss a bunch of candy on the table (this isn’t the place for the Halloween jumbo bags). Do you want a mix of colors or are you thinking just one color or candy? Do you want multiple types of candy or would you rather have a variety of one kind?

Get the sweets. Once you’ve decided what you want, now it’s time to buy. A good rule of thumb is to have about ¼ to ½ pound of candy per person. There are websites where you can buy any type of candy you want, depending on the look and tastes you’re going for. It’s ok to have a variety of candy flavors and types, as long as it will be cohesive on the bar. Also, remember to take the setting into account (no one likes melty chocolate in the summer).

Don’t neglect vessels. When considering the look you want, think about the type of vessels you want for your buffet and which ones will add to the look you want. How do you want the candy displayed? What do you want guests to collect their candy in? Will you need scoops or no?

Put it all together. Now you get to decide which candy will look best in which vessel and how to best display it all! Mix things up. Play around with heights and textures and materials. Your goal should be to make the candy buffet look too pretty to eat! Bonus tip: To keep your candy buffet looking good, think about assigning an attendant (from the wait staff or venue, not a guest) to keep the candy in line. Remember, people eat with their eyes first, so for a candy buffet to be successful, it needs to look great!

Now that you’re all excited about candy, go put on your best costume and get ready for Halloween!


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