So Chignon

One of the classics in bridal hairstyles is a soft, pretty chignon. This style works great with almost any neckline, and is perfect for achieving the ultimate elegant look. Throw in braids, curls or hair jewelry to really make the style special.

When creating an chignon for your wedding day, make sure you do a trial run. Bring pictures to your stylist–as many as you think would be helpful–and make sure she is comfortable creating the look. Use the trial run to work out any kinks in the style. Or, if things go smoothly, use the gift of a good hair day to have your bridal portraits done!

If you’re craving an updo for your I-Do’s, here’s a bit of inspiration to get you on your way.


so chignon 2via

so chignon 3via

so chignon 4via

so chignon 5via

so chignon 6via

so chignon 7via

so chignon 8via

so chignon 9via

so chignon 10via

so chignon 11via

so chignon 12via

so chignon 13via

so chignon 14via

so chignon 15via


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