Let’s Talk Trends: White Wedding Party

white wedding partyvia

White bridesmaids dresses?! What a crazy idea, right?! As it turns out, maybe not.

Although we have been brought up to think that the bride should be the only one in white, a growing trend in the bridal world is for the bride’s attendants to also don the color.

White can be an option if you are having a very neutral palette for your wedding, or if you just want to buck tradition! Fun fact: original bridesmaids were supposed to dress similarly to the bride to confuse evil spirits.

I think this trend could be traced back to the Royal Wedding back in 2011. Pippa Middleton’s dress was a pretty ivory sheath made famous for its figure-hugging shape.

Jessica Simpson also wore a fitted white gown as a bridesmaid at her sister Ashlee’s wedding this summer.

white wedding party jessicavia

Other celebrities who have worn white as bridesmaids include the Kardashian clan for Kim’s wedding to Kris Humphries and Cara Delevingne for her sister Poppy’s wedding.

With all of these stars leaning towards the untraditional, more and more brides will likely soon do the same!

I love the sleek, sweet look that all white can give to a wedding. Super romantic! What do you think? Would you let your maids wear white for your wedding day?


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