The Rehearsal Dinner

the rehearsal dinnervia

Rehearsal Dinners are typically part of every wedding, but not a part that everyone knows about. Unless you’ve been in a wedding party, you probably don’t know what a rehearsal dinner entails. To help shed some light on this integral part of the wedding, today we’re gonna be talking all about rehearsal!

First, what is it? Rehearsal dinners are typically a chance for the families and wedding parties to get together and enjoy each others company privately before the big day. This may be the first time some family or friends meet one another, so it’s a great chance to break the ice and make introductions. The rehearsal dinner can also be a chance for some of the people in your life to share toasts or for you to give you wedding party a token of your appreciation.

The rehearsal dinner is traditionally held the night before the wedding, after the ceremony run-through. The run-through is a chance to get the processional order down and explain to everyone involved in the ceremony how things will go on the day-of.

Traditionally, the tab for the rehearsal dinner is picked up by the groom’s family, but it’s becoming more common for the bride’s family to contribute or for the bride and groom to help pay as well. The budget for the evening and the responsible party can determine who gets invited. Typically, the rehearsal dinner would include immediate families, the wedding party and the officiant. If there are close friends who have traveled a long way or someone you don’t get to see very often, feel free to invite them along!

In contrast to the impending insanity of the wedding day, it can be nice to keep the rehearsal dinner simple. Try a laid-back locale where you can just relax and be together. Of course, the formality of the dinner is your call, but it can be nice to have some easiness and quiet before the storm.

Bottom line: the rehearsal dinner is a chance to spend one last evening with the most important people in your life. Make it about you and them. Have it where you feel comfortable, wear what you want, do what you want and take it all in!


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