The First Look

first look collagevia

We’ve been told since a young age that it’s bad luck for the groom to see his bride before the wedding. However, more and more brides nowadays are deciding to buck this traditional mindset in their weddings. First looks are increasing in popularity, so let’s take a look at what makes the first look such a sweet option!

First looks are a sweet opportunity for you and your man to steal a few minutes alone together before the craziness of the wedding starts. They also provide a chance to get the jitters out of the way! He may be ready for this, but he may also be a bundle of nerves. Seeing your pretty smile before the ceremony may put him at ease and allow for the both of your to fully absorb the moment without anxiety clouding your memory.

First looks also provide a chance to get all of your pictures out of the way before the ceremony–bride and groom, family, bridal party, etc–so you don’t have to waste time taking them before getting to enjoy the reception.

If you are cut from a more traditional cloth, though, then go ahead and skip the first look. It is completely fine to want your fiancé’s first sight of you to be at the end of the aisle! If you want your wedding to have a new-school style, though, consider doing a first look!

Where do you stand on first looks? Would you want to see your fiancé before the ceremony or would you rather keep things conventional?


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