Berry Romantic

berry romantic berry bouquetvia

Deep, rich hues come full-force in fall weddings, and there is no richer or sweeter way to incorporate these tones into your wedding than through berries!

Berries add a bright and unexpected touch to floral arrangements or a bit more flavor to your signature cocktail. They are a bit of extra life that can be infused into so many parts of the wedding.

Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, holly berries, even wild berries–the possibilities are endless!

In your Headpiece

berry romantic berry flower crownvia

In your Bouquet

berry romantic holly bouquetvia

For your Favors

berry romantic cherry favorsvia

In your Signature Cocktails

berry romantic blackberry cocktailvia

In the Boutonnieres

berry romantic berry boutonnierevia

On the Tables

berry romantic berry centerpiecevia

On the Sweets

berry romantic berry cakevia

Personally, I’m a bit obsessed with berries, so I kind of love this! What are some other ways to incorporate berries into your big day?


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