Rent the Aisle

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This past weekend, I worked a wedding with a truly innovative component: rented bridesmaids’ dresses!

It seems like such a simple concept, and I’ve heard of renting dresses for events before, but I guess I never thought to use the resource for weddings.

So why should renting a dress be an option? Well, if you’re like Allison from this past weekend and want a very luxe look, your maids can rent high-end dresses for a more reasonable cost than if they were to buy the dress. Even if you get something that isn’t as extravagant, the dresses may not be something the girls would wear again so renting would just save them money on a dress they’ll only wear once anyway. Bottom line: bigger bang for your buck.

Rent The Runway has made the process to simple. You start by determining when you need to receive the dress (usually one day before the event), your dress size and your zip code. From there, the site takes you through tons of other features (think formality, neckline, length, sleeves, etc) to help you find your perfect dress.

Once you’ve made your pick, you pay the rental fee and you get the dress for either 4 or 8 days. Perfect for a weekend wedding! And they send you an extra size just in case the first doesn’t fit quite right. Also, RTR even has a whole section for Bridesmaids, and accessories, because you can’t just wear a dress!

I think this is a great option for brides and maids on a budget. I know some people may like to pick a dress that their girls will wear again, but I think that renting is something to definitely consider.

What do you think? Would you rent a dress or would you rather your girls buy them?


Disclaimer: I apologize if this seems like an ad, but I really do think this is a brilliant idea.  Not just for bridesmaids dresses, but in general as well. I may even rent a dress for my birthday or graduation!


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