October Opulence

How could I have possibly forgotten to share the pictures from this weekends wedding?!

Well here they are! And although I think I did a better job getting a few more details than I have in the past, I still wish I had more.

Allison and Grady got married in this cute little church with gorgeous stained glass and tons of beautiful quaint features. They went for an elegant fall look, complete with rich florals, custom carved pumpkins and sequins strategically placed to give the optimal feeling of opulence.


And the bridesmaids’ dresses! Guys, they rented these! Just another way this wedding was brilliant! I may have to do a whole post an this breakthrough idea haha but that’s for another time!
I spent my whole evening working the ceremony, so I don’t have any reception pictures, but I can assure you that it was beautiful. Sequined bistro linens, gold chargers and the fanciest buffet I’ve ever seen! I’ll get some pictures of all aspects next time, I promise!

Congratulations Allison and Grady!


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