Spice up Your Desserts with Pumpkin!

Happy October! I don’t know about you, but I don’t consider it to be officially fall until October arrives. So now, let the season of socially acceptable pumpkin-flavored everything and candy hoarding begin!

In honor of this month and the prominent pumpkin trend, here are a few fun sweets to help spice up the dessert table!

Pumpkin Pie. Make some sweet mini pies or give guests a cute pumpkin pie in a jar!



Cookies. Flavor, shape or both! Homemade cookies exude fall coziness and a pumpkin twist is a perfect extra touch.



Cakes. Cake pops or cupcakes are a sweet extra treat for guests to snack on, or take with them!



Candy. Because it’s October! These pumpkin spice malted milk balls or a chocolate caramel pumpkin candy are a great way to turn the pumpkin and candy obsessions up a notch.



Are there any other ways you can think to incorporate pumpkin flavors into treats? I’d love to find a way to infuse pumpkin into s’mores (my favorite thing ever)!


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