4 Ways to Keep Guests Cozy

I am definitely starting to feel that chill in the air, and that means fall is upon us! As brides try to prepare the final details for their perfect fall wedding day, it’s important not to forget the comfort of guests. Here are a few ways to help keep your friends and family cozy and comfortable during your party!

Shawls and Blankets. Scatter a few of them throughout the ceremony or reception space, or have them all centrally located so everyone knows where to find them!




Serve Warm Drinks. Nothing will warm up (and perk up) guests quite like a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate. The warmth + the caffeine will give them extra energy to keep the party going!




Comfort Food. Who wouldn’t enjoy a warm cup of tomato soup or a mini cobbler or pot pie! This could be a creative (and adorable) alternative to wedding cake or to passed hors d’oeuvres.




Atmosphere. Create a warm environment with lots of candles and cozy scents (and maybe a few strategically places heaters).




Are there any other ways that you feel warm and cozy? Or maybe something you wish fall or winter brides would do to help everyone be comfortable?


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