5 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding


So you want a destination wedding. And why wouldn’t you? Picturesque mountain views or calm coastal scenes make for ultra romantic weddings (and killer pictures). But how to pull it off? If you’re thinking of having a wedding away from home, check out these tips for a smooth, exciting event that’s just as idyllic as you imagined!

1. Start Early! This goes for planning and communication. It may seem like you have plenty of time, but things will sneak up on you. Research your options, make sure things seem doable for you and your guests. And when you do decide on a location, make sure to send your save-the-dates as soon as you can because you want to give guests enough time to book their travel.

2. Hire a Local Wedding Planner. With most of the wedding planning happening between local vendors, it can be good to have someone in the area of your wedding to work with everyone on your behalf. They know the area, how things will best work, and the best vendors to hire. Let them figure out the logistics of your vision (and take on most of the stress of the execution). When you hire a wedding planner, it makes the destination wedding seem more like a vacation, even in the planning process.

3. Stick to your Budget. Destination weddings can add up quick. Costs for things like food and rentals can be broken down as per-person expenses. And with each resort or hotel offering things that seem to one-up the next, it can be tempting to be a big spender. Having a firm budget, and really sticking to it, can help to avoid feeling extra money pains later when you get the bills from your big day.

4. Make it Easy on your Guests. Let them know how much you appreciate them coming so far for you. Create little welcome baskets for their hotel rooms with local goods or your favorite snacks and treats. Include a map of the area or a list of fun local activities to do.

5. Bonus Option: Second Reception! If there were some people who you wanted with you on your big day that couldn’t make the trip, give them a chance to celebrate with you. Once you return from your destination wedding or your honeymoon, host a casual get-together with everyone else important to you!

Has anyone had a destination or out-of-town wedding? Any other tips or advice for those looking to plan one?


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