Falling for Color

As we move into fall, I am so excited to start seeing more powerful colors being used in weddings. The past few seasons were big for pastels and softer, sweeter colors. And while there is no denying the romantic beauty in light pinks and greens and blues, I love seeing couples make a statement with color.

Maybe it’s the actual season chance that makes richer colors look better in the fall. As the leaves start to change and snow starts to fall, the natural backdrop of the world becomes more muted, so softer color palettes can get washed out. The naturally blank canvas provides an ideal opportunity to show some personality through color (and you don’t have to compete with all the bright colors naturally present in spring and summer). With brighter colors, your wedding becomes the thing that blossoms, even through the colder months.

My favorite way to work some color into weddings in the later months is through jewel tones. The colors are powerful and yet still warm (a feeling we all wantย when it starts getting cooler). Deep emerald, rich sapphire and ruby and luxurious gold and purple…doesn’t it just bring to mind the image of class and glamour?

Bonus: Brighter colors photgraph better. It’s true. Just take a look below…









I love these colors. They are honestly kind of making me want a winter wedding despite my aversion to the cold! What do you think about the colors and contrast? Do you have a favorite jewel tone?


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