Sign Anywhere But the Line

The guest book traditionally was simply a place for guests to sign in and show their attendance to your wedding. Not much more than several blanks line page after page. Simple and classic, sure, but not very cute and probably not something you’d want to go back and revisit later.

In recent years, couples have been using more creative alternatives to the guest books. Some of these new ideas are, frankly, so much cuter than a simple book. And if you choose the right “guest book” object, it could be a treasured reminder of your big day! I’ve put together a few of some of my favorites for a little inspiration! What other things would make good “guest books?”

Have guests leave little notes for the bride and groom…

Well-wishes, advice, you name it! Have guest slip their notes into cool vessels or little envelopes for another element of fun.



Guests can show the bride and groom how much fun they’re having…

Have them sign a polaroid they took, or set up a photo booth for guests to dress up for! You can have them display their pictures for everyone to see or have them put them in a book with a sweet note to the happy couple!



You could also take the picture book idea another way, by having the guests sign a book full of engagement pictures!


Make them artists…

Make a cute little framework (a tree trunk, balloon strings, etc) and have guests make their mark by leaving their thumbprints! Make the special artwork even more fun with multiple colors!


Make something homey…

Have guests sign things that the couple can put around their home, whether every day or on occasion!





An engraved serving tray is probably the most unique “guest book” idea I’ve seen! My personal favorite! Definitely not something you see often, but it is something that help the memories would last forever!



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