Rain, Rain, Wedding Day


Fall in Oklahoma is not too far off and with a slight chill has come a bit of rain. As much as I love this weather (it just makes me want to curl up with a blanket and a hot chocolate and watch sweet movies), it got me thinking about what the weather could do to a wedding. If you plan to have a wedding outdoors during the spring or fall (it could happen in the summer too, but in the south and with this drought it is much less likely), a contingency plan in case of rain is almost as important as any other element to the big day.

I know everyone wants their wedding to go off perfectly and have sweet sunlit pictures, but the truth is rain shouldn’t be considered a bad guy. In fact, consider yourself lucky if you get an extra shower that day! Rain on your wedding day is considered to be good luck for the newlyweds. Some believe it to be a sign of cleansing and fertility, and it can also help wash away those tears of joy (another good luck sign).

If it does rain on your wedding day, have a few amenities to help your guests, and your pictures! A few spare umbrellas are always good to have handy (and how cute would a kiss in the rain–under an umbrella–picture be?!) and have a tent if your venue is outside.

But if you really don’t want to have to deal with rain on your wedding day, you could always follow another superstition. In the south, people believe that if you bury a small bottle of bourbon at the site of the wedding one month before the big day, you can ward off rain. Make sure the bottle is full and unopened. Bonus: After the ceremony, the couple can dig up the bottle to enjoy at the reception!

Where do you fall on the Rain-or-Shine debate? Would you be alright with a little rain or would you rather try your hand at keeping it away?


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