Playing Catch-up: June/July

So now we’re on to part two of my catch-up mini-series!

What happened in June:

TRG1. I started an internship at my dream agency: The Richards Group. I have wanted the opportunity to work here for a little over a year. It sounded so perfect and so fun, so I was extremely grateful to have been given the chance to work here. The first few weeks we a bit slow, but they picked up and I hit my stride soon enough. I’ll talk more about my experience in the August recap.

2. J and I had both of our dad’s over to the house for a little Father’s Day Fiesta! We grilled out fajitas and made homemade corn salsa. I even made a Tres Leches cake (probably my new favorite cake)! The best part was having J’s and my dad meet and start getting to know each other. Mike and Mike have enough personality to be another crazy radio duo.

3. I started doing yoga and fell in love with it. Standby for more obsessive yogi things down the line. I’m sure they’ll come.

4. Honestly, the rest of June was pretty uneventful…

Moving on to July!

1. J and I spent the 4th of July weekend just spending time together. Wephoto have had parties at the house in the past, but we had a problem with our pool that prevented that this year. Luckily, the quiet weekend was relaxing and exactly what we needed.

2. In the middle of the month, we took another break from reality and spent a weekend out at Possum Kingdom Lake. There’s a resort out there that J has been to with some friends, and he wanted me to take a look at it (as a possible wedding venue!) On our way out there, we stopped at a place in Fort Worth called Brewed. BEST BREAKFAST EVER! I had their chicken and waffles, and I have been dreaming about it ever since. Out at the lake, the views were incredible. J got to play a few rounds of golf (I sat through on with him) and I got to spend some time at the spa. I would definitely go back, and I kinda can’t wait to.

photo 1photo 4photo 2photo 3

3. Then I chopped my hair off! AHHHHH!!!

So I’m slowly but surely getting caught up. I’ll get better at this, I swear!



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