Playing Catch-up: May

So before I get into all the fun and exciting things I have in my crazy head, let’s talk about what I’ve been up to in the past couple months!

My life in May:
1. We TRIED to go to the Colonial. We drove all the way out to Fort Worth, drove by the tournament entrance, headed for the parking lot…and it was full. The entire TCU stadium used for the tournament was full. So was the FWISD stadium lot, and the convention center parking lot. No parking in Fort Worth. So we decided to scrap that plan and head back toward home, stopped off at Katy Trail Outpost in Plano and enjoyed our afternoon with some barbecue on the patio. All in all, successful day!

2. Class. It was summer school. I worked to fill my time and got most of my work done there. The class was to learn Photoshop, InDesign and other programs a PR pro might use or need. I took it one step further and started teaching myself Illustrator too! (A little sample of what I’ve been working on with that will come soon)

3. The Fischer wedding. The epitome of a DIY wedding. It was absolutely adorable. I loved helping pull this sweet event together, again with Morgan, and I am so grateful that I ended my term with her on this event. Just see for yourself. So perfect and precious.







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