Workout Wish List



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Since my Pilates class ended with the end of the semester, I have been looking for news ways to add something new to my workout routine. I love weight training, but I know it’s not all I can do. I do have one new challenge planned (more on this later!), but that doesn’t mean I can’t add little extra challenges to my everyday workouts! So I’ve found a few items that I would love to add to my home gym to add some variety to my routine.

Resistance Bands: Contrary to my original opinion of these, they are nottt a lazy day workout. These little suckers can make things so much harder! But they are fantastic for throwing in a bag so you can do little workouts on the go! Perfect for a busy schedule (like that of a future law student)

Kettle Bells: Let me begin by saying, “How cute are these, with all the little colors!?” Adorable. As cute as they are, these are fantastic for switching up weight training. I have used them before and loved them. Sometimes I’ll try and use my dumbbells as a replacement and do the kettle bell moves, but it’s just not the same. Adding kettle bells to my home gym would add a new dimension of challenge to the room.

Jump Rope: Cardio is my Kryptonite. I am not a fan. And I know I’m doing myself a disservice by avoiding it as much as I do, but I need to start working it in more. Jumping rope would be a great way to build up some cardiovascular strength without killing myself on a run (at least not yet!)

Bosu Ball: This thing is one of my favorite devices ever. I used to use it when I was weight training for lacrosse in high school, and I love how versatile it is. Doing squats on this thing, flat side up or down, adds balance work to weights, and that’s something I have always needed haha. And you can add that instability work to things like pushups too!

Dumbbells: So I have a few of these now, and I love them, but I need more! I have found myself at a plateau lately and I think it’s because I don’t have any heavier weights to move to. And don’t think you’ll bulk up by going heavier! Just stay with low-ish reps (8-12, depending on difficulty) until each weight is easy, then move up to a slightly more challenging weight with the same rep count. It’ll only make you stronger and leaner.


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