Puppies on my Mind

So for as long as J and I have been living in our house, we have been talking about getting a puppy. I wouldn’t mind having one right now, but J thought it would be better to wait until after I graduated and moved back home. This way the puppy wouldn’t get too attached to him while I’m away (or vice versa, if I took the little fluff ball with me), and it would kind of be the start of our own little family! So with my  graduation about seven months away, I started thinking today about when we should start looking. I started Googling breeders in Texas and Oklahoma, which quickly made me realize that we needed to start the puppy process soon! I ran this idea by J and he was on board (Shocked!) It’s suddenly becoming kind of real that we will be getting this puppy soon! So what kind of puppy are we gonna get? A mini Aussie puppy! australian-shepherd-puppies-blue-merle-for-sale-high-wtntwz3d australian-shepherd-puppy-picture-1be4c156-c789-4fca-a10a-23e05d2e8464 miniature-australian-shepherd-puppy-picture-d19bfd6d-e325-4410-af81-cd1d5a2e33bf

images via

Aren’t they just adorable?! I seriously can’t focus on anything else right now haha. So I apologize if I should be doing something productive. Puppies take priority!


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