The Wedding Planner


[ Flowers from the wedding: Hydrangeas, Tulips, and Roses…I’m in love! ]


[ The wedding cake and the groom’s baby cupcakes ]


[ The finished tablescapes ]

Saturday night, I had the opportunity to help with a wedding organized my Events by Morgan. I always thought event planning would be a fun and rewarding job, and Morgan have me the opportunity to see what it’s like!

A little note about Morgan real quick: She is awesome! She’s so organized and calm in the face of chaos. She seems like she can handle anything. She has the best taste, too! Not to mention she’s super sweet and fun.

I mainly helped with the setup of the event. Putting out table cloths and charger plates. Arranging place cards. Setting out favors. As tedious as it was, I really enjoyed it. I loved seeing how a few carts worth of boxes and supplies became a beautiful setting for celebrating.

Once the ceremony was over and the reception got started, Morgan let me shadow her while she made sure the evening ran smoothly. We gave cues to different parts of the program (grand entrance, mother-son/father-daughter dances, dinner, cake cutting, etc). We also had a couple fires to put out throughout the evening, but nothing too intense.

After the event, I can almost certainly promise that I will not be a perfectionist bride! I realized that there are too many tiny details left in the hands of so many other people. There are so many variables and no way for everything to go absolutely perfectly, just as smoothly as possible. I do have tons of ideas, though, and am already kind of mentally planning out my own wedding! (Let’s be real–what girl isn’t?)

I can also say with certainty that this is an experience that I would like to try again. My boyfriend may not totally agree, but this wedding was something I really enjoyed, and possibly something I would like to pursue more down the line! All of the chaos and detail that goes into planning the wedding, and any frustration that follows, somehow melt away into a grander picture once the event starts.


One final note: Thank you to Morgan at Events by Morgan for giving me the opportunity to help out, and for introducing me to the wedding business!


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