Fit Foresight


Workout Schedule

I’m a crazy person. I wake up at 4 or 5 am almost every morning and workout before I get ready for my day. And I actually like it! Sometimes it’s hard getting up so early, but I always feel so much better with a workout than I would if I had slept in for an extra hour.

Working out so early can make it hard to focus, and sometimes I end up dawdling. To combat that, I’ve started making a plan for my workouts before hand so that I know what I want to accomplish every morning. I pull together exercises from a few different sources and customize circuits of things that I feel work best for me. Some people do upper body workouts one day and lower body workouts another day, but I prefer to hit everything a little bit every day. I alternate between upper body and lower body exercises as I go throughout my workout. I also tryΒ to do an ab workout circuit every day, because a strong core is basically the foundation of all fitness.

Having a plan also holds you accountable to your workouts. If you write it down, it feels even better to finish the workout because you almost get to cross it off a To-Do list for the day. It’s also kind of fun to see how different exercises work together. They don’t have to be all boring “standard” workouts; try putting together a series of exercises that you like! You can find exercise ideas all over the place. Some of my favorite sources are POPSUGAR Fitness, Women’s Health, Tone It Up, and of course the Health and Fitness section on Pinterest!


*Disclaimer: I am not a trainer or a nutritionist, so please take my advice cautiously. I am not providing fitness guidance, I am merely suggesting tips that I find personally helpful to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



2 thoughts on “Fit Foresight

  1. Lol hmmmm maybe I should put a disclaimer on my post about health and fitness… You are right about working out in the morning, I was never a morning person ( my mornings started at but recently I found myself enjoying it more and more each day. I’m still trying to find that place in creating the best work that fits me ( sometimes it can be discouraging) but I know if I continue to stick with it I’m sure to find something that provides me with the results I need. Thanks for sharing !

    • It’s definitely not the easiest thing haha, but I always feel so much better after it’s done. And there are tons of options out there so you can find things that you like and that work for you. The fact that you’re consciously working towards it is awesome, just keep at it and it’ll pay off πŸ™‚

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