Reassessing Priorities


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It has officially been one whole month since my last post.

I’m not proud of that. In fact, I cringe more and more each day that goes by without having written a post. But I don’t want to write something just to post something; I want to have a purpose.

The purpose of this post: to establish that I am making this blog a priority and will not let a hiatus like this happen again. I think by posting this statement for all to see, I will be held even more accountable than I hold myself.

I’m not making excuses, but the last four weeks have been filled with nothing but school and classwork. Projects and papers and midterms have taken over my life, even to the point that I had to bail on a weekend with my boyfriend (broke my heart to do it, but I had to). As much as I love writing and creating content for this blog, grades are a priority with post-grad education on the line.

My plan for avoiding this level of radio silence is to spend spring break creating a content calendar and brainstorming posts for the future. I am determined to continue with this and make it a priority.


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