Snoozey Mornings


Some days it’s just hard to get started. We all have those mornings where we wish we could hit the snooze button an unlimited amount of times. Not gonna lie, this morning was one of those mornings for me. I just could not handle waking up and working out, I slept in a whole extra hour, then I caught myself falling asleep at multiple points during my prettying process.

I’m not a coffee person, so I need to get creative with my methods of waking myself up. So what options do you have other than just reaching for another cup of joe? Here’s a few ways to help get a little extra push to your morning start:

1. Drink water first thing in the morning. It helps wake up your metabolism and gets your body working. Make sure to keep it as close to room temp as possible, so your body doesn’t have to work extra, and bonus points for a little lemon juice mixed in.

2. Stretch. I normally work out in the morning, but when I can’t, I make sure I at least stretch out really good before hopping in the shower. Stretching in the morning is kind of natural, but making sure that you stretch everything, not just your back or neck, helps to get your other muscles in the game.

3. Green tea. My morning go-to lately. The tea does have a little bit of caffeine, but not as much as coffee, but it’s fresh and light so you don’t feel heavy after you drink it. And who can sleep when sipping something hot?

4. Scroll through the Pinterest Humor section. Seriously. You can’t be sleepy after you’ve just busted out laughing. Some things warrant a little giggle, some are intellectually funny, and some are just so funny that the people around you will wonder if you’re ok (like in the head).

My best piece of advice for waking up in the morning is to just get up. Hitting snooze isn’t going to make you less tired. I know it’s not the easiest waking up when we don’t want to, but we all have things to do and lives to live, and no matter how comfortable that bed sounds, it can’t be more important than what’s going on outside your room.


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