A Football Weekend


There are few weekends in the year that are as exciting to me as this one was. Why is this weekend so special? You can’t escape great football games!

On Thursday night, my Oklahoma Sooners played the Alabama Crimson Tide in the AllState Sugar Bowl. That game had to be the most amazing football game I’ve ever seen, and not just because Oklahoma came out on top! Every play, no matter which team, was perfect in one way or another. Some plays went just as planned, or better. Others might not have looked so good, but still got the job done. Even the plays that bombed added suspense, fueling the game’s greatness.

And then those last few minutes. I didn’t think it could get any better after the fumble return for a touchdown, but the next play proved me wrong. On-side kick off Alabama’s front line right back into the arms of Oklahoma, sealing the win for the Sooners. I was going crazy! I do not think I have ever seen better football.

Friday was the Cotton Bowl: the Oklahoma State Cowboys v. the Missouri Tigers. My boyfriend, Johnathan, is a huge Oklahoma State fan, so I cheered his team on the way he’d cheered mine on the night before. The night didn’t turn out as well for the Cowboys, but they fought hard and he was happy they’d had a good season.

Saturday marked the start of NFL Playoffs. Of course I had my picks made for all four games for the weekend. I was pulling for the Kansas City Chiefs over the Indianapolis Colts, but Andrew Luck managed to lead his team back from a 28-point deficit, beating out Kansas City by one point. That kind of comeback makes for some great football! That night, I was rooting for the New Orleans Saints over the Philadelphia Eagles. I am a die-hard Cowboys fan (even though they break my heart every year), so I simply can’t ever pull for the Eagles. It won’t happen. Sorry. Thank goodness New Orleans was able to stomp them out. Sunday’s first game was between the Cincinnati Bengals and the San Diego Chargers. Despite taking an early lead, the Bengals let the win slip away to the Chargers. I think the most surprising win of the weekend came in the last game, when the San Francisco 49ers beat the Green Bay Packers by a field goal in the last seconds of the game, in Green Bay’s negative temperatures no less!

Tonight will be the cap to all the great games of the weekend: The BCS National Championship. I can’t wait to see how this game turns out. Florida State has played great football all year, and Auburn really came of age as a team. I have to say, that Auburn punt return against Alabama deserves to win the ESPY for Best Play. I’m looking forward to camping out in front of the TV to watch what is sure to be a great game.

Now if only the Super Bowl would hurry up and get here.

Photo via USAToday


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